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Earth Adventure travels to schools across the country providing interactive science and geography-based programs. We have been improving and expanding geographic awareness and literacy with our programs for more than 15 years.

We also participate in Earth Day events, International Festivals, Water Festivals, Summer Programs, and corporate events.

  Explore the earth with us. Call or email for the best available dates!
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Earth Adventure programs complement K–12 curriculum and reinforce education standards. All programs are grade-level appropriate. Because we bring the program to your site, there is no busing and no hassle. We work with individual classes and can accommodate up to 12 classes per day. We provide a content-rich, and unforgettable school assembly.
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Earth Adventure programs feature the Earth Balloon®, a 20' diameter model of the earth. The Earth Balloon is an inflatable earth made from high resolution satellite images with true to life colors. Students enter the Earth Balloon to learn about our planet.
Earth Adventure programs feature Earth Walk™, a 16' x 20' floor map of the continental United States. Earth Walk is a high resolution satellite image with true to life earth colors. Students walk the United States from coast to coast on an adventure of discovery like no other!

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